A personal thank you to all our clients – first published in August 2021

November 25th, 2022

It’s very easy to jump up and down and shout about professional successes. But it’s harder to pinpoint why those milestones were achieved.

So I wanted to write a personal note of thanks to each and every one of our clients that have placed significant trust in us this past few months. Their belief in what we can achieve together has continually driven us forward, 24/7, to get the absolute best deal possible for them.

And in this past month alone – ahead of the closing of the stamp duty holiday, we’ve completed seven off-market deals totalling £34 million through sheer hard work and determination. The extra mile is more of an effortless sprint when we are spurred on by the faith that clients as far afield as Singapore, Malaysia and the US have in us.

There is no denying that COVID flipped the market on its head. The lack of international travel has forced us to work in new ways – but it has also made it even more vital that the relationship between the client and agent is one built on honesty, clear communication, and understanding. The prime market has continued to flourish because of those clients that fly in the face of a global pandemic. They are why we all work the hours we do. And they are why these incredible properties keep changing hands. So to all of our clients – a heart felt thank you.