Trusting the people you surround yourself with is vital – first published October 2021

November 25th, 2022

Gaining and never breaking that trust is what we pride ourselves on.

With no exposure and no advertising, we have achieved over £43million in sales over the past 3-4 months – across London and the countryside.

It’s an incredible achievement given the traditional flattening of the super-prime market in the Summer months. Whilst wanting to avoid obvious clichés, it really is testament to hard work, relationships and our trusted little black book of international connections. And nobody works harder than Susannah Fox MRICS

Now that the days are getting shorter, we still have much to look forward to as Winter approaches. Our pipeline is reassuringly strong; international travel is increasingly more possible; and we’re currently busy selling a number of properties very discreetly, off-market right now.

We’re unashamedly proud of where we’ve reached since we launched just over a year ago. But we’ll never take anything for granted. Day or night, anywhere around the world, we will always go the extra mile to facilitate every need.